Starting the Licence Server Application

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Starting the Licence Server Application

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Starting the LSA Application

The LSA application consists of an application: LicenceServiceApp.exe, as well as web service applications.

To run the LSA you have two choices:

1 - Running as a Windows Application

To run the license service as a Windows application, simply run the LicenseServiceApp.exe application that is present in the root folder (not the copy present in the 'bin' sub-folder). Depending on the permissions on the LSA machine, you may need to run this with Admin privileges.

When the LSA starts, it should look like this:

The push-button stops the service. We suggest you use this approach to get the LSA working for the first time, as it's simpler, and easier to see what's going on.

If you don't have the required admin privileges on the server you will see:

This means you'll need to login to the server with Admin privileges.  

2 - Running as a Windows Service

To run the license service as a Windows service, use the command line as follows :

Install the service:

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install

This installs the service and when started, the service will run as the LocalSystem account. To specify the username and password, use:

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install username=<<username>> password=<<password>>


LicenseServiceApp.exe action=install username=MYDOMAIN\MainUser password=MainUserPassword

Note: The username that is specified must be configured to have the 'Log in As Service' right via the Local Security Policy.

Start the service

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=start

Stop the service

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=stop

Uninstall the service

LicenseServiceApp.exe action=uninstall