Sequence Diagrams

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Sequence Diagrams

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Sequence diagrams show how elements interact. Those elements might be classes, components or any other EA elements which can have operations attached to them.

eaDocX provides some additional options for printing Sequence Diagrams, beyond those which exist for all other diagrams.


Printing the Messages

One common requirement when printing Sequence Diagrams is to list out all the messages in the diagram. You can do this by:

  Rather than printing the document in the normal way, choose either the Diagram and Contents or Contents not Diagram options. This will print all the elements in the diagram, including - only for sequence diagrams - the messages.

  Define some formatting for the Message element type, by adding it in the Profile tab.

  This will allow you to print the sequence number of the message, name & description, the name of the object from which the message comes, the destination object, and the parameters and arguments for the message.