eaDocX creates documents that are easy to read, simple to navigate, and up-to-date. Which means clearer communications and better decisions.

You probably get lots of documents to review or approve in a week, and reading through a generated report is often jarring – with strange formatting, out of date information and walls of text that you don’t have the time to get through to find the most relevant sections. Is every document fit for purpose? Sometimes it’s just easier to take someone’s word for it. Check a couple of pages, then give up. But corporate documents don’t have to be that way, because eaDocX doesn’t work like other generators.

With Microsoft Word formatting to make the contents clear and accessible, and using the structure and richness of Enterprise Architect models,  eaDocX makes it as easy as possible to read and understand reports generated from EA.

Use your Corporate Templates

When generating a document with eaDocX, the author can choose any Word template to format their documentation automatically. A template that contains your company or team logo, colors and styles will make it easy to generate a document that looks like any other that might come to your desk. eaDocX documents mean you don’t have to compromise.

eaDocX makes it easy to create personalised documents

Ask the EA author to create a document containing just the things that you need. They can create an ad-hoc diagram with you on it, and add a link between you and any requirements, risks, processes, user stories, capabilities, etc… that you are interested in. A simple way to produce a tailored document just for you – a document that you will want to read.

Quickly Navigate to Key Sections

Anyone who uses a website understands using hyperlinks to find content quickly. Word lets you use the same principle within a document, but manually inserting these is often time-consuming and difficult to justify in the busy life of your author.

eaDocX creates hyperlinks between related sections automatically, making it easy to navigate to relevant information instantly. One way this can be used very effectively is when documents include cross reference reports, which contain only the related things actually referenced in the report – all hyperlinked so they can be checked easily. And eaDocX documents can also include glossaries that are tailored to exactly the document contents – with hyperlinks from the first occurence of each term in the document,  so it’s easy to check on the definition of key terms.

Content you can Trust

When creating long and complicated reports, it’s easy for authors to miss details when updating their documents. With the simple model updates provided by Revision Manager, you can be confident that the model is up to date – and as the document is generated fresh every time, each new version is as up-to-date as the model. You no longer need to worry that the documents you’ve been given are out of date – it’s as though you’re commenting straight on the model itself.

Knowing that documents are going to be consistent, up-to-date and easy to navigate makes reading pleasurable - and leaves you more time to expand and share your expertise.

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