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Free features

No license required to generate meta-model views, quick documents and spreadsheet reports.
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Single Installer

Containing the latest versions of eaDocX, Revision Manager, eaSheets, Model Expert (and coming soon... Portfolio Manager)
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32 and 64 bit versions

Suitable for every EA installation: Desktop | Virtual | Cloud | SaaS

The full eaTeamWorks suite: one download, one installer, all the products* (*Portfolio Manager included from Release 2..0)

Intelligent EA multi-project modeling with real time impact assessments and notifications, project dependencies, element road maps, and a time machine.

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It’s not just about the software… Here’s where you will find EA models, scripts and other documents to help you make the most of the whole eaTeamWorks suite.

eaTeamWorks Software

Full eaTeamWorks download - 32 and 64 bit, plus example model and supporting files for product walkthroughs

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Portfolio Manager Software

All Portfolio Manager software downloads

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Legacy Software

eaDocX and Model Expert legacy code versions - work with legacy licence keys

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eaDocX Sample and Example Documents & Models

Here are some examples of project documents created using eaDocX, plus the models from which they were generated.

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White Papers and Scripts

White papers providing deeper insights into using eaTeamworks. Plus scripts for even more advanced formatting of eaDocX documents.

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Download a free trial

Download eaTeamWorks today for several free for life features, plus no obligation, 30-day trials of all the products: eaDocX, ea Revision Manager, eaSheets, Model Expert and PortfolioManager. Discover for yourself why we sell the world’s best-selling Enterprise Architect extension.