Use the power of spreadsheets to expand the potential of your Model

eaSheets lets you use the power of a spreadsheet to import, edit and save data in your EA model, and export it to share with stakeholders. Add, view, and change model data quickly and easily across large numbers of elements.

Copy and Paste your data into EA

Quickly add large numbers of elements and get on with the work of making your model connected.

Verify your data

Quickly check large groups of elements, use conditional formatting to better see your work and edit the information in the sheet.

Utilize spreadsheet tools

Calculate, copy, order, and organize elements with a few clicks to get a new view into your model.

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Speed up your workflow and get meaningful insights from your model.

View and manipulate the detail of your model data. Share lists of elements and the data that you need

Add large numbers of elements quickly by importing existing spreadsheets - and check before making the changes.

Apply rules to your data to make gaps, errors, and important fields stand out

New insights from combining your tagged values with your model structure; viewed and calculated in sheets.

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Take a free, no obligation, 30-day trial of eaSheets. eaSheets is part of eaTeamWorks, so you can also trial eaDocX, Revision Manager, Model Expert and Portfolio Manager. Plus free for life EA modeling features. Discover for yourself the difference that working with eaSheets will make to your EA modelling.