Why no more floating licences ?

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Why no more floating licences ?

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We introduced floating licences for eaDocX users in response to customer demand.

At the time, the Sparx EA Licence mechanism did not support licencing of non-Sparx Add-ins like eaDocX, so we bought-in some cryptographic code to create our own.

And everything went well for several years.

The we started to get errors. Users who were happily using eaDocX on a Friday evening could not use it on Monday morning. We think this was because some security patches had been applied over the weekend, but we have never managed to replicate this situation. We never saw it on our test machines.

But help was at hand! Sparx allowed access to their licence mechanism for add-ins! Sadly, the way this works (as of V14) was that, at startup of EA, the add-in takes a licence for the add-in. This is clearly not helpful for eaDocX users, who might only use it every few days - which is why we had floating licences. Using it the Sparx way would mean all licences would be used up very quickly, by user who are not going to use eaDocX at all.

In addition, administering separate floating licence keys is difficult for some organisations, especially where their IT has been outsourced.

So, we have reluctantly stopped selling eaDocX Floating Licences, and will happily move floating licence users over to group licences, at no cost.