Getting Started

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Getting Started

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The fastest way to get a document is to create an eaDocX Quick Document. This will create a document using some default formatting. To do this, right click any package, element or diagram in your Model Browser and select Specialize | eaDocX | Quick Document.

Menus accessed with right-click of the UML Behavioural Diagrams package of the Test Model that comes with Enterprise Architect.

Generate Quick Document from the Browser

To find out more about Quick Documents, click here.

More ways to create documents

You can create eaDocX documents either from a Word Template, or by adding to an existing Word document

Create a document from a Word Template

Add to an existing Word document


What Next?

Once you have done this, you can easily enhance, or further enhance the document you have just produced by customizing how eaDocX creates your document, and there are a number of ways to do that:

Add more sections.

Change the way that EA elements are formatted, either tables or inline.

Add information showing the relationships in your model, either as simple attributes, tables of attributes or more complex relationships.

Add a document Glossary, add document information, include Change Marking.