Why and what to branch

Creating a branch of an element takes a copy of the original (including sub-elements, child diagrams and connectors) and links it back to the original. This ‘branched’ element is now in your project area, and can be changed as you require.

Branches can be taken from baseline ‘implemented’ elements or from planned elements.

When a branch is taken, Portfolio Manager runs the impact analysis and highlights:

  • if other projects have branched from the same baseline elements
  • if other projects have planned changes to any of those elements
  • If other projects are proposing or planning to retire any of those elements

If there are planned updates, the Impact Analysis will highlight where planned version(s) exist and direct the modeller to choose the newest planned element* for the branch.

(* There may be several planned versions of an element in the model, each with it’s own date for implementation)

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