Hints, tips, opinions and best practice modeling techniques for EA and Portfolio Manager

Why did we write Portfolio Manager?

22 June 2023

To give modelers visibility of dependencies and impacts between projects.

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What AND why

8 November 2022

Making maximum use of our EA information, to show not just what the world looks like now, but why as well.

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Solution Architecture using Enterprise Architect

6 October 2022

Ian's presentation to the EA Global Summit on September 15th 2022, showing how Portfolio Manager delivers powerful project collaboration and insights to EA modelers.

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Project Lifecycles and Portfolio Manager

23 June 2022

How to integrate the Portfolio Manager lifecycle with waterfall and agile development methodologies

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Branching and Impact Analysis

15 June 2022

How to start your project in EA by copying from the as-is model - with Portfolio Manager

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Introduction to Portfolio Manager

14 June 2022

Managing multiple EA Projects with Portfolio Manager - A new approach to delivering a single version of the truth across many projects all working in the same Sparx EA model repository.

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Structure, Locking and the Portfolio Manager State Model

9 June 2022

Portfolio Manager basics: Package structures, model locking and element state model

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Inside Portfolio Manager

19 May 2022

Portfolio Manager uses lots of EA features, which means it looks nothing like the code-based version control you are used to. Here is how PM works.

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