Full Cloud Hosting

For the first time, your complete Sparx EA environment in the cloud

Managing a suite of desktop applications like Sparx EA is difficult. Managing one which needs its own specialized repository databases is harder still. And making that available to anyone who needs it quickly and securely, to support your agile business requires specialist skills – and lots of them.

This is where a Full Cloud Hosted enviroment from Ability Engineering can help. We can run all of your EA environment – include the EA application  – in our secure cloud, and deliver you a world-class service.

So you can do what you do best – delivering to your stakeholders, using the best modelling software available anywhere.

The complete solution

  • Enterprise Architect software can now run 100% in the cloud, and deliver equivalent or even better performance than running locally. This means new users can be added in hours, and all your users can use the latest, most secure version of the software.
  • Your repositories are also in the cloud, so they can grow more easily, and everyone can have access to the information they need. And no more database administration. All your data is stored in a fast, secure. managed cloud environment, looked-after by our EA experts.
  • Easily give your stakeholders access to the EA information they need using Prolaborate. Because everything else is running in the cloud, implementing Prolaborate is easy – just ask our experts, and it’s done. We can even help your stakeholders to get maximum business value from your work, by helping you to create the views and dashboards they need

It's more than just hosting

As well as simplifying your EA environment, we can help you and your team make the best use of Enterprise Architect.

Through our Experts in the Cloud your modellers can access world class EA support alongside the hosting support which comes as standard. But maybe you need even more. With a range of other project support we can help your modelling plans become a reality, accelerating your success.


Example Solutions

Organisations like yours use Enterprise Architect. But it’s a flexible tool, so many organisations who use it aren’t like yours. That’s why there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to putting Sparx in the Cloud. To give you an idea of the kinds of things we could hlep you with, here are a few example solutions.

Working with us

We know that any change is disruptive, and when you are moving business critical systems the stakes are very high.

That’s why we have a process and a plan to give you 100% peace of mind.

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We can help you move to the cloud, with EA SaaS, hosting or on-premise solutions for EA & Prolaborate, or just making it easy for your team to access shared repositories.

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