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Flexible Cloud Hosting Options

Sparx in the Cloud® from eaTeamWorks is your partner for scalable EA solutions.

Did you know you can now put all of your EA environment in the cloud? No more desktop installations, no more firewall changes or sofware upgrades. Let us take of that, so you can focus on delivering what your organisation needs. You can be up and running with your own bespoke cloud or EA SaaS solution within a few days – Contact Us to get started.

Repository Hosting

The simplest way to get started with Sparx in the Cloud. Let us manage your EA repositories - backups, database upgrades and ODBC connections

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Prolaborate Hosting

Unleash the power of EA information with a world-class experience for your stakeholders

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Full Cloud Hosting

For the first time, your complete Sparx EA environment in the cloud

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EA SAAS - Software as a Service

Your favourite modelling software, delivered to your browser

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Did you know, we also offer Sparx EA training and consultancy?

We offer a variety of mentoring and consultancy options, as well as structured training and workshops, to support you with the skills you need to use Sparx EA efficiently in your business. Our goal is to bring clarity to your modeling, share solutions and equip you with insights, so that you can use the software more effectively. We already work with clients, both small and large and across many different industries. Find out how we can help you.

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Let us build the right solution for you

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EA Cloud solutions for you

We can help you move to the cloud, with EA SaaS, hosting or on-premise solutions for EA & Prolaborate, or just making it easy for your team to access shared repositories.

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