Repository Hosting

The simplest way to get started with Sparx in the Cloud. Let us manage your EA repositories - backups, database upgrades and ODBC connections

Hosting your Sparx EA Repositories

Hosting your EA Repositories in the cloud can reduce the administration overhead, and free-up time for more important tasks.

Even a small number of repositories can create a large amount of admininstration. They need to be created and configured, backed-up, new users need to have complicated ODBC settings created, and network firewalls may even need to be changed.

By putting all this in the cloud, you have a simpler setup which is easier to maintain. Now everyone can have access to any of the repositories they need, and all the data is saved in a secure location.

Whether you want a complete managed service, or would like our experts to manage your EA repositories in your private cloud, speak to us today.

And once you’ve made this first step to cloud hosting, the rest is easy – seeĀ EA SAAS


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