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SAAS – Software as a Service – with Sparx EA

Your favourite modelling software, delivered to your browser

The world of computing has come a long way since Sparx EA was first launched more than 20 years ago.

Then, a thick-client desktop application was normal. And there were no clouds.

But now we use multiple access points to get to our company data. Not just an office workstation, but a tablet, or a home PC. And we expect to be able to access any application from anywhere.

Finally, Sparx EA can deliver this experience.

Desktop Streaming

The idea of  #Desktop sharing’ has been around for decades. You’ve probably used it yourself.

“App streaming” is just a more recent refinement of that, where a super-compressed version of just the changes to the user interface of a single application can be sent to a remote browser. And using only a fraction of the bandwidth, so it works over even a poor-quality connection.

So what's it like?

What this delivers is a fast user experience when using Sparx EA, which is the same as most thick-client workstations or even better.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch this video …



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