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Features of eaSheets

Productivity tools for serious modelers

Editing with eaSheets

Three ways to open Sparx EA data in a spreadsheet

eaSheets lets you open the element data from your EA model in a spreadsheet - giving you more options to review and manage your data

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Fast spreadsheet editing of Sparx EA data

A fast and simple way to update your models.

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Smart Sheets

Efficient management of EA elements and all their relationships in a spreadsheet.

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Compare and Save Data into Sparx EA

Auto-Highlight changes before committing them to your model.

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Edit EA Connectors with eaSheets

A simple way to bulk create, edit and delete connectors

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Working with Templates

Package Spreadsheet Templates

Save time by saving and re-using your favorite spreadsheet settings for each EA package

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Creating spreadsheet templates

Create standardized spreadsheet reports from EA

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Advanced eaSheets features

Smart Tags

Combine your model hierarchy and element tagged values to compare options or summarize key data.

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Combining Sheets with Relationship Matrices

Move seamlessly between eaSheets spreadsheet and Model Expert Smart Matrix.

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Model Validation using eaSheets

Combine eaSheets spreadsheet views with Model Expert Reference models for easy EA model validation and corrrection

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The essential EA spreadsheet tool used by...


Use eaSheets to to view, comment and update the model contents, fast

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Model Managers

Accelerate your governance process with clear model visibility and fast model correction.

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Project Managers

Better quality information, delivered faster.

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A simple and quick editing capability for EA modelers, saving time and effort.

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Compare licence prices

Choose the licence that’s right for you and your team


Take a free, no obligation, 30-day trial of eaSheets. eaSheets is part of eaTeamWorks, so you can also trial eaDocX, Revision Manager, Model Expert and Portfolio Manager. Plus free for life EA modeling features. Discover for yourself the difference that working with eaSheets will make to your EA modelling.