Home Forums eaDocX queries element “Run State” element “Run State”

Home Forums eaDocX queries element “Run State” element “Run State”


This is a very strange situation, and may be a bug in EA.
I have submitted a question to the EA forum, and I’m waiting for a reply.
Please see,30338.0.html%5B/quote%5D

EA considers that everything is OK and Object – the legacy concept (literally: “It’s mostly legacy reasons why classes have object instead.”),30338.msg221274.html#msg221274
Whether I don’t know you will be helped by it, but I have nothing to tell EA in that topic more.

I think it is necessary to correct in eadocx. In other words Instances not only Objects. As Instances in model of data of EA are identified – I don’t know.

PS> nevertheless I added a question – whether how to define the element a instance is:,30338.msg221354.html#msg221354

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