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Welcome to the resource center, full of advice and support as you scale your EA modeling.

eaTeamWorks Product Help

Help and Release Notes for the latest release of eaTeamWorks.

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Licensing, installation, software requirements, upgrades and more

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Best practice modeling techniques, video tutorials and tips on using EA and the eaTeamWorks suite of tools

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eaTeamWorks community forum

The place to search for answers or pose new questions about the eaTeamWorks products

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All the files you need – eaTeamWorks releases, plus EA models, example eaDocX documents, scripts, white papers and more.

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Free 1-2-1 support

1 hour of free online support for anyone who is currently trialing eaTeamWorks

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Explaining modelling

22 June 2023

..or, "how to reduce 20 years of modelling into 5 bullets". If you need to explain to someone what we do, try this short explanation.

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Where to start modelling

22 June 2023

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Creating useful, long-lasting process models

22 June 2023

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eaTeamWorks Launch: What does this change mean for me?

15 June 2023

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