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One work around is to let me run a SQL statement from Excel without filtering the data I get back. With a SQL I can ask for the Tagged values of the classifiers. The problem I have is if I have multiple parts pointing to the same class, the CLASSGUID filters out the duplicates (the two parts that point to the same value).

For example, the SQL

SELECT t_objectproperties.ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, aPart.Name, aPart.Object_Type, aCls.Name, t_objectproperties.Property, t_objectproperties.Value
FROM (t_object AS aCls INNER JOIN (t_package AS aPack INNER JOIN t_object AS aPart ON aPack.Package_ID = aPart.Package_ID) ON aCls.ea_guid = aPart.PDATA1) INNER JOIN t_objectproperties ON aCls.Object_ID = t_objectproperties.Object_ID
WHERE ((aPack.ea_guid)=’‘) AND (
(t_objectproperties.Property=’Power’) OR
(t_objectproperties.Property=’Weight’) OR

Will return the tagged value property and result(value). The Excel filter will not let me do this. It expects an

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