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Home Forums eaDocX queries How to copy sections How to copy sections

Barrie Treloar

So, having established we are talking about copying of Profiles, not sections….:-)

– If you have a profile defined for a non-stereotyped element, if you then choose to create a profile for a stereotype of that element, eaDocX will default to copying the profile for the non-stereotyped element into the stereotyped one. On the basis that they are likely to be ‘similar but different’

Those were the steps I tried and it didn’t work (and wrote up in the previous reply). I didn’t bother sending a screenshot for the failed page, I just described that those fields were missing.

I just tried it with a completely new element “Actor” in the hopes it was a bug where already existing stereotypes caused it to not copy the parent profile. And I get the same outcome – the stereotyped profile shares nothing in common with the parent except the style (Inline or Table), and fields defined in the parent do not exist in the stereotyped child.

I’m currently using eaDocX

– to copy profiles from one element type to another, you can edit the Profile xml:
1. Save the Profile to a file, from the eaDocX File menu
2. Edit the Profile XML. Each attribute of each element type/stereotype has a line in the profile like:

PLEASE take a backup of your documents before trying this: this is un-documented, non-public function, so you’re doing this at you own risk!

Ahh danger!
I’ll give that way a go 😛
I dont have any elements that need copying yet, so I’ll report back when I do.

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