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John McPherson

Thanks for a great response!

About the formatting issue. It is a tricky one. Like you, I can see some benefits of using fixed formatting, but like the idea of leaving control of formatting to Word and the user.

I envisage using it several ways, all of which could be achieved without fixed formatting:

The system shall oojah the widget (Name)

Note: As an implementation suggestion, the oojahrer system seems to be a good system to implement this requirement (Description. The modeller would write “Note: ” in the description i.e. I don’t expect eaDocX to insert “Note: “. In this case I would expect the reader to interpret the name as the formal requirement and the Note as suggestion/background that is not part of the formal “to be met” requirement)

The system shall be very good. (Name)

By very good, we mean better than the old one, by a factor of 1.2. (Description. In this case I would expect the user to interpret the name and description combined as comprising the formal requirement)

Combining Name and Description: (Name. As a modeller I might decide to put in first letter caps and a colon to provide the hint that this is a heading. I could also choose full caps. While this would look better in bold format, I think it’s workable without)

eaDocX shall provide the option of combining Name and Description as a single attribute. This shall be done by… (Description. In this case I expect the reader to interpret the name as a heading and the description as the formal statement of the requirement. The wording and the use of caps and colon, in the heading, provide the hints)

4) Variations on the above. e.g. writing “Note:” halfway through the description field.

In summary. I think the usage of the name and description fields provide enough information for the user to distinguish between headings, formal requirements, and notes/background, without fixed formatting. Another difficulty with fixed formatting is that only one of the above usages (3) would require it. The others work better without it(my view). Implementing without fixed formatting would meet my immediate need. Over to you!

Thanks for your thought and a commitment to implement in such a short time!

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