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Thanks for the report – in adding the Excel context menu to diagram elements there was a use case check missed (this will be resolved in the next release).

However all should work fine whe using the menu selection from the Project Browser.
The fact that you get “String” indicates to me that you are seeing the type row (3 – which is normally hidden) and for some reason row 2 (which contains the column name) is hidden or the size reduced. See attached screenshots to see:
1. The normal export row1 and 3 hidden, Row 2 has the column name and Row 4 is the first row of data.
2. A view with Row 3 expanded – which is where the column type is stored

I’m sorry to say that you have also highlighted another small feature – which prevent the output of subelement information other than element, attributes, methods – this will be resolved for the next release. And you should have output options similar to the attached screenshot – which I assume covers your effor time (expected hours?).


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