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Ah – I see.
If you’ve used eaDocX to auto-populate the Profile, as you describe, then you get a whole load of stuff – useful and no-so-useful. Like you, I also use this to generate an initial document, then just delete the bits I don’t want.

It would be quite hard to do an ‘un-do’ on this – it’s a very stateful process!

To get back your particular example, Activity elements link to their ‘next’ Activity elements, using a directional ‘ControlFlow’ connector.

eaDocX will do its best to help you re-create this: look at the Profile for Activity, add an attribute of a related element, choose ‘ControlFlow’ as the relationship type, and the appropriate Direction for the connector, and Activity as the Target element. This should get it back.

This detailed knowledge of your metamodel is what we’re trying to save you from by having the auto-populated Profile!

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