Home Forums eaDocX queries Scenario Steps Links go to document top? Scenario Steps Links go to document top?

Home Forums eaDocX queries Scenario Steps Links go to document top? Scenario Steps Links go to document top?

Ken Norcross

When the hyperlink jumps to the top of the document, that means that the hyperlink which eaDocX has created isn’t understood by Word i.e. its a link to something which doesn’t exist. (eaDocX error)
Just to confirm I’ve got this right before I try to reproduce it:
– In EA you are adding a link in the ‘Uses’ column of a scenario step, and adding a ‘Link to an existing element’.

Yes, we are using Realization links to Requirements, and Dependency links to stereotyped Packages that represent Screens, Reports, and Interfaces, using the method you describe.

– where the target element is printed Inline with the name in the heading, it’s ok.

Yes, currently this has been working for me.

– where the target element is printed in some other way, it doesn’t work ?

Yes, for example I have the Use Case profile set to print inline, and used “Add Related Element” to create an inline listing of related/realized requirements, set to print after the scenario/steps.

I then have the Requirement profile set to print inline. I want 3 attributes of each Requirement: Name, Status, Description, in a vertical table.

If I use Name as the Requirement Heading, and put the other 2 attributes in the table, the linking from the scenario step Links is working.

If I use no heading for Requirement, and put all 3 including Name into the vertical table, the Links are present in the scenario step Links columm as hyperlinks, but they lead to the top of the document.

I appreciate the always quick response here, but let me look at this some more before you spend time on it. As part of realizing why my eaDocX sections do not appear in the proper pink color, I had to clean up a large number of bookmarks from a document that should not have had any bookmarks. I do not know if these were eaDocX bookmarks leftover from adding/removing sections that had problems, or if the documents had bad bookmarks to begin with.

Let me research some more on my side. I am starting to learn the quirks of EA + eaDocX + Word (plus SVN but that is another story), and how to avoid problems.

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