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We had some issues with this, where eaDocX had
– a list of elements to print,
– all are children of the same package/element,
– they have a profile which says to print each type of element as ‘table’
Question is: how to control the order of printing of the tables?
We used to find the first ‘table’ element, and then gather all the elements of the same type together in the first table, then move down the list to get the first one of the next type, then print all those.
The problem with this is that the order of the elements in the package is not meaningful: it’s probably just the order in which they were created.
So now, to make it deterministic, and so that we don’t need the user to specify more information, the tables are printed in alphabetical order of the element type (Activity, Requirement, Use Case), and within each element type, by stereotype.
So Event elements will print , , as you observed.
Question is, where and how do you say that
, , is the right sequence for Events ?
Simplest solution, if you want to control the sequence is to make sub-packages for each of the element types and/or stereotypes. Then eaDocX will respect the order of the Packages.
This is how I usually do it, as it has the additional benefit of making the model easier to read, and I get a Package heading before each table, and a chance to put some Notes into each Package to say what <> events are.

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