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Home Forums eaDocX queries Word API problem Word API problem

eadocX Support

Just to summarise our offline conversations.
This looks to be a problem with the installation and/or security settings of you machine.
You quite rightly ran the Installation Verification test from the eaDocX Help, which fell-over when it tried to talk to Word.
This means eaDocX can’t talk to Word at all, via the Word API, so eaDocX just can’t work.
One possibility (which we’ve since discounted) is that you’re using one of the Word products which just downloads bit of Word as you need them. This is fine when the user uses Word via it’s UI, but doesn’t download the API function when eaDocX tries to call it.
So, it must be some other local security setting which is stopping eaDocX from talking to Word. Which is a shame, as they usually play so nicely together….

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