Improve productivity, speed up model familiarisation and reveal model insights

As a consultant arriving on a new project you face a number of challenges.  Critically, how to

  • make sense of what’s already happened on the project
  • start showing your client that you can make a difference, and
  • make it clear to your client that you offer a unique and valuable service to them.

It’s here that Model Expert can give you an edge.

In projects and companies where EA is already in place, you can use Model Expert to ‘hit the ground running’.  Model Expert works by

  • Reading and understanding an EA model – all the elements, stereotypes, relationships and project data that exist.
  • Creating a single page meta-model view as a class diagram.
  • Displaying a project dashboard – the starting point for finding ‘quick wins’ to improve model quality, such as missing connections, duplicates and inconsistencies.

As a trainer or consultant you can add value by helping your clients implement consistent modelling standards.

Use Model Expert to set up rules to guide EA users and help them avoid mistakes.

And as well as implementing rules, you can provide bespoke training materials and guidance to users which they access ‘Real Time’, as they meet modelling challenges. Either with content built in to EA/Model Expert, or with links to reference webpages.

Find out more about the full range of ways that Model Expert can help you transform EA Model Governance for your clients.

Producing better results faster - that's what good consulting is all about. And that's what you can do with Model Expert.

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