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The Sparx EA Model Governance Tool

Manage and fix model quality issues with speed & efficiency

Is your EA model out of control?

Are there too many people each adding content in their own way, with inconsistencies that make it impossible to re-use?

Does your modelling team need help?

Are they duplicating work that’s already been done? Are they uncertain of the right way to model?

Do you need to simplify model governance?

Do you spend too much time reviewing trivial errors? Does the number of issues delay achievement of project milestones?

We hear you…and have a solution!

Whilst the flexibility of Sparx EA has lots of advantages, its lack of rules and structure can sometimes make managing the modelling process difficult, and inconsistencies harder to spot. The good news is that Model Expert can help. It’s your handy model governance tool for Sparx EA which analyzes models, creates reports and makes it easy to find and fix errors. You can also prevent modelling mistakes, with real-time prompts and guidance for modellers, based on the standards defined by your organisation.

How Model Expert works

Quickly spot inconsistencies in your team’s models and use the built-in navigation to show and easily fix errors. You can even create rules and structures for modellers to do their own quality checks. Or build in rules and standards to help them model right, first time. All this from the best Sparx EA model governance tool – Model Expert.

Check out its features!

Model Expert provides full visibility to model managers when running quality checks, allowing you to easily:
  • See a single page dashboard view of what’s in the model.
  • Show a model as a class diagram, revealing all the types, stereotypes, connectors & attributes included.
  • View model contents by element type & stereotype, or by author.
  • Easily navigate to any diagram in the model.
  • Discover the connector types, sources & targets in the model.
  • Analyse the complexity of packages
  • Gain quick insights into the contents of any package with a Word Cloud.
Model Expert allows you quickly locate and fix errors by:
  • Creating a tailored view of your packages, elements & relationship types.
  • Highlighting & locating wrongly stereotyped element types so you can fix them.
  • Locating all the occurrences of duplicate elements.
  • Locating empty diagrams and orphans.
  • Finding wrong connector types and directions.
  • Letting you write your own rules and standards to be applied during model checks.
  • Displaying virtual relationships – derived relationships which exist due to intermediate connectors & elements.
So – you’ve found and fixed an issue. How do you stop modellers from making the same mistake again? Model Expert allows you to guide modellers by:
  • Creating and applying reference models for modellers to follow.
  • Defining allowed diagram types & contents.
  • Highlighting modelling which isn’t in line with reference models.
  • Displaying violations in diagram and list form to model managers.
  • Allowing you to create MDGs  to support your best practice modelling standards.
Model Expert allows you to create rules and bespoke element properties windows  which stop modellers deviating from best-practice modelling standards
  • Define managed packages that follow Reference Model standards with real-time modelling advice.
  • Create a tailored user interface for your modellers.
  • Tailor the in-tool support with links to your organisation’s standards.
  • Steer modellers towards re-using existing elements, rather than creating new.
  • Set package level guidance with strict or flexible rules dependent on your project stage or the needs of your team.
  • Apply different Reference Models to different packages and at different project stages.

Common scenarios our customers were facing before speaking to us

You have a large project for a client being built by multiple modellers, but everyone keeps creating elements and relationships in their own unique way. It makes sense to them but no-one else. This makes issues harder to troubleshoot, quality checks trickier to make and ties up your experienced modellers with remedial work.

You’re building on a model that was created by a different team in another location, and now you’ve discovered that instead of creating new elements, you should have re-used existing ones. How can you find and replace the duplicates with the correct versions and make sure it doesn’t happen again?

The EA team has had to grow fast to meet the project timescales, and you need to get everyone up to speed with your company modelling standards, but you don’t have the time or budget to take people off-line for training. How can you build standards and tailored modelling guidance into EA?

Just some of the many benefits

Thanks to Model Expert, you’ll be far more equipped to manage model quality, project delivery and the overall operations of your team. Here are just some of the ways it can help.

  • Eliminates human error.
  • Allows for safe scalability on modelling projects.
  • Makes training easier.
  • Streamlines your onboarding.
  • Supports remote modelling.

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