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Model Governance made easy. Model Expert helps you and your team deliver model quality.

Save time and deliver quality

EA model management is about standards. Making sure that your models are consistent. Making sure they are complete. Giving everyone confidence that the modeling can be shared, understood and re-used.

But reviewing models and the knowledge that they contain takes time, and when milestones are looming, time can be in short supply.

Here are three ways that Model Expert can help.

The Package Dashboard explained

The simplest way to use Model Expert is to use it to check models when they have been submitted for review. It gives you easy ways to find and fix obvious structural problems, making the job of checking & fixing models less of a burden.

Here’s an introduction to using the dashboard to find and fix errors.

Everyone can check their own work

Model Expert lets you define reference models, with allowed structures and rules. That means you can validate models against a wider set of standards, specific to the modeling standards of your organisation.

And everyone can have access to those reference models. So rather than the Model manager having to do all the work, modelers can run their own quality checks and do their own fixes. Reducing the overhead of quality checks at review time.

More on creating reference models

Guided Modelling

Wouldn’t it be good to stop those errors happening in the first place? With Model Expert, you can.

Guided modeling helps modelers model Right First Time.

This is done by providing them with pop-up help in real time, and providing links to an Intranet site, departmental training materials or the part of the model where you have stored your best practice examples.

Model Expert can also define permitted element and connector types, so modelers have to re-use existing elements from specified packages (e.g. set of stakeholders, or common requirements).  Help and guidance can be tailored to individual packages. You can choose whether to apply the rules in hard (mandatory) or soft (advisory) modes.

More on guided modelling

Model Governance made easy

Find out more here: EA Model Governance made easy

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