Instant Impact Assessments

Portfolio Manager lets you create and run several projects at the same time in the same model, giving everyone early visibility of potential issues so they can be resolved, simply.

Real-time modelling insights

Portfolio Manager highlights where your project changes are overlapping with other projects – if elements have been branched, or elements and connectors are scheduled for deletion.

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Element roadmaps

With all project teams working in the same model, model managers can have a single view of all proposed and planned changes for each element, and who is responsible for them.

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One model - multiple projects

Manage continuous change to your baseline Architecture or Processes. With every project in one model, Portfolio Manager gives you full version control throughout the project lifecycle.

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Key features

Learn more about the ways in which Portfolio Manager helps you model multiple projects in a single EA model.

Portfolio Manager provides warnings when your model changes will overlap or interfere with changes being made by other projects, reducing duplication, re-work and project delays.

Summary views of all the changes happening in a portfolio of projects make it easy to identify potential issues and drill down ito examine project dependencies, where management effort needs to be focused.

Model managers can see the roadmap of change for each element in the model, including every planned and proposed change resulting from every project. Clear traceability from As-Is to To-Be.

Portfolio Manager delivers a summary view of all planned changes to the complete model as each project delivers. Scroll forward from today into the future, and see how the 'To-be' state develops over time.

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