Creating Portfolios

Defining groups of projects

What is a Portfolio?

Each organisation will have their own way of defining portfolios, or programs.

Portfolio Manager assumes that a portfolio of projects is a group that is usually reviewed together. Probably because they all impact the same area of the business, or they have senior stakeholders in common. Each portfolio is likely to have a single portfolio or program manager with overall responsibility for completion of the projects included in it.

And because these projects are all working in the same business area, they are probably impacting the same or adjacent components or processes. Which means that the projects need to work together to avoid clashes or duplication. When projects are working in the same model using Portfolio Manager, then we can use the information to provide insights to Portfolio/Program reviews.

How do you create a Portfolio? Just create a new package in your model called “My Portfolio Name” and give it the stereotype <<Portfolio>>. That’s it.

Putting projects in portfolios does not limit the impact assessment to just the projects in that portfolio. The Portfolio Manager Impact Assessment ALWAYS checks the status of EVERY element in the model to find those which are related to your project.

Portfolios are optional...

Portfolio Manager works just fine even if you don’t have any portfolios defined – you can just create projects. But for organisations with a program/portfolio governance process, then putting projects inside portfolios in EA lets you review those projects together.

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