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Sparx EA Sorting and Filtering

With eaDocX

Alphabetical? Numerical? By Phase? By Status? eaDocX helps you organise, order and select exactly which parts of your model are documented.


Custom Sorting

eaDocX lets you specify custom sorting for tables or lists of inline elements based on element attributes, as long as they are being printed in the document.

This sorting only works for normal element attributes, not relationship attributes or tagged values.

Default Sorting

By default, when eaDocX prints lists of elements, it takes the order from the sequence in which items are stored in EA, which in turn is determined by the order in which they appear in the EA Project Browser.

Strange but true

If the contents of a package have not been explicitly sorted then when you generate your document the elements may appear in a different order to the EA Package browser. This is a ‘feature’ of the way that EA stores the data.

To fix this, just pick any of the elements in the browser, move it up & down, and that will fix the sort sequence. Strange, but it works…


Filtering Element and Cross Reference reports

Element reports and cross reference reports can be filtered based on attributes which meet a range of different conditions. This is in addition to filters that may be specified if your document contents are based on an EA model search.

Filtering Diagrams

eaDocX Diagram Filters provide a way to exclude whole groups of diagrams, or changing they way they print.

You can define the diagram filter settings for individual EA Diagram Types & stereotypes or for a specific diagram stereotype for ALL diagram types. Diagram filters can be copied and re-used between documents.

For more on diagram filtering see Include/Exclude

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