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Three ways to open Sparx EA data in a spreadsheet

using eaSheets

eaSheets lets you open any element data from your EA model in a spreadsheet - giving you more options to review and manage your data - use eaSheets to get an overview of your model in a spreadsheet.

eaSheets makes it easy to open your EA data in a spreadsheet.

The resulting worksheet can be shared with your stakeholders directly or used as an efficient way to make bulk edits to your EA model.

Three views of your EA model data with eaSheets

eaSheets lets you open:

  1. a Quick Sheet for a view of just the element information (fields and TVs), or
  2. a Smart Sheet, with all the element information plus related elements, or
  3. a saved Sheet Template with exactly the contents and formatting you have defined for a package.

What's in a Quick Sheet?

Selecting what element data to include is simple

  • You can choose to open all the contents of a package, or just a subset of element types and stereotypes.
  • You can open the contents of a diagram, either the elements or the connectors.
  • You can open the results of an EA search.
  • You can open element instances: either all the instances in a package or all the instances of an element

Once you’ve chosen the elements, you can tailor the fields that will open too. eaSheets presents a list of available fields.

These include all standard EA fields plus any tagged value fields that it finds in the data-set you’ve selected. Choose the ones that you want and then open.

eaSheets opens as a spreadsheet inside EA, and with the tight integration any package structure in the data will be reflected in the structure in the sheet. You can expand and contract packages to hide some detail – useful when you have exported a large amount of data.

Open EA models in eaSheets free with eaTeamWorks

There are no limits to the number of Quick Sheets you can generate for free with eaTeamWorks – but to change the formatting or content or save edits back into your model, you’ll need an eaSheets license.

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