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Fast spreadsheet editing of Sparx EA data

with eaSheets

Using eaSheets to edit EA data lets you perform bulk adds and edits using standard spreadsheet functions.

EA in a spreadsheet: eaSheets

eaSheets not only makes it easy to open your data in a spreadsheet; it also lets you use all those spreadsheet editing features to manipulate your EA data.

You can open any package, element type, or diagram in eaSheets

If you open a package, you can see the EA package structure inside the spreadsheet, and expand/collapse the detail. If you open a diagram, you just see all the contents in a flat list.

You can now:

  • Edit existing elements, their types, and stereotypes
  • Edit any EA attribute
  • Add new elements
  • Add and edit tagged values
  • Edit Classes, and attributes and operations of classes
  • Edit relationships

– all using the familiar spreadsheet interface.


Bulk edits with eaSheets

Using eaSheets, it’s speedy to edit a set of EA elements in some way – for example, to change their stereotype, add some numbering, or rename them. Or maybe even add a whole set of new elements. Find out more about importing content into EA

Finish your editing and save into EA to see all your changes immediately applied.

If you were to do this using EA, you would have to open and change each element through the EA Package Browser or the EA Specification Manager, which is difficult and time-consuming, as you can only edit one element at a time.

Reviewer edits

Once your EA information is open in a spreadsheet, you can send it to your reviewers for their comments and edits. Open their responses and compare them with the current model data, then when you are happy, save their changes back into EA. No more messing around with CSV templates – done with just a few clicks. 

More about Compare and Import into EA

Viewing EA model data in a spreadsheet lets you use all your favorite techniques to process the information: creating summaries, looking for trends, and truly understanding what's happening in your EA project.

You can also edit EA connectors with eaSheets

Edit EA Connectors in Excel

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