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I have not received a reply from Sparx about this, which is fairly typical. They provide a way to ‘request a Feature’ and , as Global Partners, we also have a ‘side door’ for requests, but they usually just develop which ever new functions they want.
I looked at doing a manual re-sizing of diagrams, but its just just too complicated and unreliable to re-calculate all the geometry.
You can help by making a request on the Sparx forum, to ask for an API for resized diagrams.
In v3.3 I have added a feature to print diagrams which (in EA) are flagged as printing Landscape, to print in a separate Landscape page, and I have tried to get these big diagrams to fit that size of page as well as I can, but I’m manipulating a bitmap image, not the individual diagram elements.
I wonder, though, if you have a diagram this big, printed in a document, how will the reader understand it? I always split my diagrams (the ones for public use) into smaller ones, and keep the ‘big picture’ diagrams in my models, just for use by EA users..
…but I realise that doesn’t fix your problem…

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