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Answer to Jeff’s questions:
1 – The sorting uses the same sort process as the rest of eaDocX; it would be too disruptive to give it it’s own special one, where you can effectively sort the results in any order. Remember this has to work multi-language as well!

2 – FYI, sort data is held in the Profile in same way as all other element types: a single attribute is flagged as ‘use for sorting’ and a simple ‘A-Z’ or ‘Z-A’ flag: if you save the profile, this should be fairly obvious

3 – As I mentioned above, specifying no sort order means eaDocX will print the Roles in whatever order EA returns them, when it navigates the link from the Document Element to the People elements

If it helps, you may change the name of the roles in Application Settings: Document Management Default settings. You might choose alternative words for ‘Approver’ etc whichi sort in the way you want e.g. ‘1 -myRoleA’, 2 – myRoleB’ etc. This is to allow for non-English languages, but you could use for this as well.

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