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That bit of the help is out-of-date. (The best version of the help is always that which is included with the product. That gets updated each time I create a new release (though I know there are some places where it needs updating)).
The web version, and the PDF versions are usually older.

As for this function, we removed it some time ago, even though it looks useful.
The problem with offering pre-built profiles is that they assume your model works in a specific way: that, for example, Requirement elements link to Component elements with a ‘Realization’ connector. But maybe you didn’t do things that way: maybe you used a ‘Dependency’ instead.
In that case, the pre-built Profile just won’t produce anything useful.

The new experience for when you open a Word document which has no eaDocX content, is to just tell you that there is no EA content in your document, and ask you to add some.
1. Place the cursor in the Word document where you want to add some EA content
2. Choose package you want to add
3. Right-click in EA project browser, and choose eaDocX / Add to document / New section.

eaDocX will analyze what you have in the package and create profiles based what kinds of elements are in the package, and how you have linked them.

This is MUCH more flexible than using fixed Profiles, and gets you a good-looking document much faster.
I will remember to update the online help in the next release.

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