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Doug Blake

In v3.2, there are some differences in how styles are used.
in ALL cases, things like spacing, fount, colour (or color) are as defined in Word.
…which is my way of saying ‘any weird stuff isn’t my fault…‘.

I tend not to change the Normal style, as this is a built-in one, which I think is treated slightly differently by Word. I tend to create my own Word styles, based on Normal, but with my own name, and use that style for eaDocX generated documents. I have also noticed that the spacing can change sometimes without my doing anything, but I *think* this doesn’t happen for non-Normal styles.

BTW – in 3.3 we will allow you to use other styles for the Headings, rather than being constrained to the built-in ‘Heading 1’..etc

Since you create your own styles, that seems to be the reason I cant override them. If you used Word standard styles we could do what we want …

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