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Home Forums eaDocX queries Table Styles don’t work Re: Table Styles don’t work

Abdalrahman Shatou

The reason why your new Table and Paragraph styles don’t appear immediately in the drop-down options is because eaDocX caches the values: there’s a ‘Refresh’ button which gets the latest values from Word. We do this because for complicated documents, with lots of styles (record is >200!) this involves 200 calls to Word, which is REALLY slow.

As for ‘Why no spaces’, you’ve got me on that one – I don’t know either. I’ve tried all kinds of forums, and nobody even talks about it: probably not something which Word users do very often (link generated HTML to word styles). So it’s just a really annoying restriction we’re going to have to live with 🙁

The strange compound names which Word gives to new table styles is also a puzzle.
As you say, renaming one of the Word build-in Table styles to your own name just seems to add the new to the old. Very odd.
If you select the table, then look at the style, Word give us the option to ‘Modify Style’, the the renaming of the style is allowed, but it still adds the new name to the old one.

So I need to add a totally new table style?!

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