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    eaDocX v3.7.5.4 is installed on a Citrix XenApp image in a corporate environment which requires proxy authentication to access the Internet. Proxy settings and bypass list is deployed to end-users via group policy and these settings are present in the user profile when testing eaDocX.

    When trying to register the eaDocX license or use eaDocX addin for Sparx EA, the end-user receives a “407: proxy authentication required” error.

    According to several articles found via Google and on MSDN, .NET applications present a 407 error when the user proxy settings are being ignored, and that the following code is required in the application .config file:

    Where can we find detailed technical documentation about eaDocX configuration for system admins?

    1. What code needs to be added to eaDocXAddIn.dll.config to make eaDocX work with the proxy authentication requirement?

    2. How do we disable checking for updates? End-users do not have admin rights to upgrade eaDocX. Updates will need to be deployed as new packages under a release process.

    3. Is the eaDocX license file (user.config) and folder path under %APPDATA% always the same when registering a license? Microsoft UE-V is used for roaming specific files, folders and settings, rather than roaming the entire user profile.


    eadocX Support

    I’m sorry, but we don’t have any way to test eaDocX with Citrix, nor do we have any Citrix knowledge within the team.
    The error you are seeing is passed to eaDocX by the Crypto sub-system, and, where they pass an unrecoverable error, we just just show it to you.


    Thanks for the response.

    Let’s forget the Citrix aspect. Can you please answer the following:

    * Can we prevent eaDocX addin from contacting, e.g. auto update, by modifying any .config files? The users do not have permission to install updates and updates must be deployed by system admins using an installation package.

    * Is the eaDocX client key always saved in the same place or does it depend on the client key? We’ve registered the client key against a few different users and the full path to user.config always appears to be the same — C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingSparx_Systems_Pty_LtdDefaultDomain_Path_2epjiwj3etsq5yyljkyqqi2yc4elkrkf11,_1,_0,_1113user.config


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    eadocX Support

    1. No. eaDocX only contacts to see if updates are available, and to pass on urgent messages to users. The call also checks for the validity of the users’s key, to prevent fraud. Updates are never downloaded automatically – we don’t think it’s polite. If the call fails, the software continues to operate normally.

    2. The eaDocX licence key is saved via Sparx, so it is physically located wherever Sparx choose to put it. The path you describe above looks right. Be aware that the the above path changes when you install new EA versions (hence the EA version number in the path), so users need to re-enter the eaDocX key when this happens. Again, a Sparx implementation.


    Thanks for the assistance. We’ll work with that.


    I thought I’d post a solution to this 407 proxy authentication problem in case any others strike this problem.

    Sparx Enterprise Architect (with eaDocX) uses the following registry settings for Internet access:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings]

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsConnections]

    These registry settings are updated by Internet Explorer proxy settings when Internet Explorer is used. The IE proxy settings are stored in [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings] as plain-text values.

    In our case, Sparx EA is deployed as a published application, which means Internet Explorer is not available to the user from that application server (except if you go to Help > EA on the Web).

    To resolve this 407 problem, the required registry settings are deployed via Group Policy Preferences, using values captured after Internet Explorer created them.

    The good news is that we didn’t need to modify the .config file to get eaDocX working.

    eadocX Support

    Wow- this must have taken you a while to figure out.
    On behalf of all the Citrix eaDocX users: thanks!

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