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    Guillaume Finance

    Would it be possible to add a line on the header of the eaXL template with empty cells that we can use for user guideline purposes?
    This line would simply need to be ignored by the engine.

    Basically I need to generate an eaXL Excel file from my model to send to various users. Each user will populate the Excel file with their project information to import into EA.

    Having an extra line on the header would enable me to specify whatever name/term that are more meaningful to the users.

    Would it be possible? In the meantime is there a way to tell eaXL to ignore a specific line in my spreadsheet?


    Adrian Support

    Hi Guillame,

    You can already do that in that row 2 is the “User name” row compared to the “EA name” which we store in row 1.

    Row 2 is ignored by eaXL on import and we use the contents of row 1.
    Of course, if you create a worksheet which has additional columns and the appropriate cell in row 1 doesn’t have a known EA name then we assume that it is a tagged value that has been added and import this as a tagged value.

    So the approach is to:

    • Export the worksheet that you want completing with the relevant columns defined.
    • Change the contents of the cells in row 2 Column D onwards as required
    • Provide to your customers to add their information[.li]
    • import

    I would suggest you double check with a sample of your own to confirm you get the expected behaviour.

    Hope that provides what you need.



    Guillaume Finance

    Hi Adrian,

    It worked 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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