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    Mark Elson

    Hi Ian,

    I’m trying to export a sheet of objects that are categorized (via Categorize links) by classes which have one of three stereotypes. (It’ll become clearer as I describe the steps).

    The objects appear fine. I want to export a column for each of the 3 stereotypes (to eventually be able to filter by each stereotype).

    1) I click on +Add Element and in the drop-down see > <—- Categorizes;

    2) I click the > and that expands to show the 3 stereotyped classes;
    > <<s1>> Class
    > <<s2>> Class
    > <<s3>> Class

    3) I click on s1 and the class attributes appear, I select Name as wanted and that creates a column called Dependency->Class.Name

    4) I repeat from step 1) but now I don’t see what I saw in 2), I just get > <—– Categorizes with *Any under it.

    I am guessing there is some validation check that prevents duplicated column names being created – and the column name does not differentiate Classes with different stereotypes.

    Is there a workaround or can this be fixed? I’ve also attached a pptx of screenshots. In that I go on to create a another column using the *Any connector and then the next class stereotype. But can’t use that for the third stereotype because, I presume, that would create another “Any->Class.Name” column. I tried renaming the columns in the sheet and that didn’t fix it. I don’t think it needs anything fancier than renaming the next column as Dependency->Class.Name(2) rather than rejecting it. I think we can cope if we inadvertently output the same thing twice. I’m pretty sure in 3.x you could specify the column names to something more memorable. Now they get overwritten back to the “Dependency->Class.Name” style. The 3.x functionality would be preferable.

    Best regards, Mark

    Ian Mitchell

    HI Mark,
    Please can you email me some example data which shows what you’re doing, and I’ll try to reproduce what you’re trying to do.

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    Mark Elson

    Hi Ian, what is a good email address? I tried an abilityengineering one.

    Ian Mitchell
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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