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    Doug Blake

    This is something I keep doing and I wonder whether you can help by adding this new feature.

    I open a diagram, make some changes, make changes from the project browser, open eaDocX and generate a document. Spotted the mistake?? I didnt save the diagram explicitly. So any changes I made are screwed. I would like the option to auto save all diagrams before generating a document. There is no effect on the document, just the diagram.

    The reason I think this happens is that, being a database, data changes are implemented as you go so I get into the wrong frame of mind, forgetting that diagrams need to be saved!!! :S

    eadocX Support

    Good idea. I keep doing this as well. I’ll fix it.
    It’ll be in 3.3!

    eadocX Support

    ..oh no it won’t.
    There is no API into EA to save a diagram, so sadly this isn’t possible.
    I’ll put in a request to Sparx, but so far their record of creating new APIs to help eaDocX to work better is exactly 0%.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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