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Home Forums eaDocX queries autotemplate issue/bug fix.

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    Hi Support team,

    We got an issue on auto template. I have attached the error messages as we see the Auto template issue as below. Please let us know, how do we fix this. a. The error is: This is not an eaDocX document.

    eadocX Support

    This error happens when eaDocX first opens-up the document you chose to be an auto-template.
    The specific error conditions are either:

    • Unable to open an instance of Word. This might be because you don’t have Word installed, or Word is not installed correctly.
    • It can open Word, but the document does not have a valid eaDocX profile. Try re-creating the auto-template document, and try again

    If you enable the eaDocx Trace (Specialize/eaDocX/Help/Enable trace) trace, then you should be able to see which error you have:
    – if you see just ‘Opening: , then the probel is with Word
    – if you see “Opening
    and then “Examining Document” then the error is with the Profile in the auto-template document.

    If this error happens a lot, then you you may get a lot of invisible Word.exe instances, and eventually, Word will just give up, and you won’t get a valid Word instance even if everything starts to work OK. So remember to keep deleting the Word.exe instances using Task Manager.


    We’ve installed and checked the latest version that has this fix. It is resolved. Thank you, It works fine.

    Marie Due

    Hi support team,

    We just installed EaDocx and when we want to generate our first word Document we get the following errer,
    in our computer we don’t have any office product. Do we need ? If yes which version?
    the error message id:
    Error generating this document:
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at eaDocXAddIn.async_Generator_Manager.numberOfSectionsForProgress()
    at eaDocXAddIn.cntlGeneratorProgress.setupProgress(async_Generator_Manager agm)
    at eaDocXAddIn.async_Generator_Manager.GenerateWord(Boolean draftMode, Boolean taggedGenerator, String aFileName, DGDocumentVersion newVersion, iGeneratorManager aGeneratorManager, Boolean createProfiles)
    at eaDocXAddIn.async_Generator_Manager.generate(eaDocXMain aMain, Boolean draftMode, Boolean taggedGenerator, QuickDocumentHelper qdh)
    at eaDocXAddIn.eaDocXMain.miGenerateNormal_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)



    Ian Mitchell

    Yes – you need a full version of MS Word installed on your computer. Ofice 365 subscriptions are OK, but you must have the option which installs all the software on your machine. Web-only versions won’t work, as eaDocX must talk to the Word API, which is provided only in full Word installations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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