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    Paolo Cantoni

    After more than a decade of using EA, I get the chance to try eaDocX!

    In our repository, we have separated views (diagrams) from the items (elements). The items may even be in completely different “branches” (i.e from different roots)! Consequently, many of the examples I’ve seen (which appear to rely on the items being in specific packages – typically with their associated diagrams) won’t work for us.

    Is there an existing pattern I can “snaffle” for how to create documents as easily as possible where the items are separated from the views?


    eadocX Support

    A good question, for which there are a number of solutions.
    1. You can create eaDocX Sections for each diagram(s) then tell eaDocX to print the contents of the diagram as well as the image. This works well where the diagrams are the focus, and the locationS of elements less so.
    2. Create some EA Model Views, and put those into sections. This way, each Model View is a shopping list of elements, packages and diagrams. Useful is you have some of these already
    3. Put the diagrams in their own sections, then add others with the elements, using either simple package sections, or element reports.
    There are probably more, but try these to see how practical they are for you.
    Also remember that if you are trialling eaDocX, you get a free hour of support, to help you get started.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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