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    Peter Seehaus

    I am just using the trial version of eaDocX to verify if fits our needs.
    But I am not able to create a new section. Every time a warning pops up! See the attachment. Word crashs and I have to start up everything. Teh section seems to be created partialy. But eaDocX is not able to create anny content inside this section.

    Has anybody an idea?

    My System:
    Windows Vista 32Bit
    Word 2007
    EA 9.1
    .Net 3.5 & .Net 4.0

    I was not able to upload the word document because it is an .docx Document!!?? :woohoo:

    eadocX Support

    Hi Peter326,
    There are a few reasons why this might not work: the most obvious one looking at the code is where your Word document doesn’t contain a style called “Normal” (initial capital letter).
    We thought this was the name of the built-in, default Word style, and so will appear in all Word documents, but perhaps we’re wrong.

    Does your document have a style ‘Normal’? If not, worth creating one and trying again.

    Also, if ‘Normal’ is not there, what styles do you have? Look like we’ve been caught out again making assumpions about MS Word. .

    Also, what langauge do you use for Word? Perhaps it’s a national language thing?


    Peter Seehaus


    it seems, that your assumption is correct. There is only a style called Standard. But it seems to be a localization problem. I tried to generate a new Style called Normal. But after saving the document, the style is renamed to Standard1 by Word itself.
    I will try to switch the language. But Iam not shure if I can do this.

    Maybe you will find another solution.

    Thanks Peter

    Peter Seehaus

    I switched the language settings of Office to english. Now it is possible to create sections. And the Styles view now shows the style Normal. But for me it seems to be a bug that has to fixed.

    Regards Peter

    eadocX Support

    Ah- as I suspected – I can’t find anywhere the list of default Word styles for the different national languages.
    I’ve now changed v2.1 to check first if the “Normal” style exists, and if not, I don’t specify one. This seems to pick up the default.

    V2.1 will be available for Beta testing on Monday 5th December 2011 for existing customers, and later in the month for 30 day free download for trial customers. If you’d like to check that 2.1 fixes your problem, then send your email address to enquiries at eadocx dot com, and we’ll get you a copy of 2.1

    Thanks for finding this one: I realise there is a strong EA community who don’t use UK/US English, but these ones are really hard for use to find, as there are so many langages to check.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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