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    Clay Melton

    I created a simple design in EA, and used DocX to publish to word. My company uses Subversion for some change management, so I committed this first version there.

    Then, I changed one picture (or drawing) and changed text in one other place. I re-generated my word file and committed this new version to our Subversion repository.

    Finally, I compared the two versions. I expect to see change bars on one picture and one paragraph (for the text change). Instead, the text change is marked with change bars, but ALL embedded pictures (EA drawings) are marked as changed.

    I want to use your product to communicate where stuff changed. Is there are better way to do this before I communicate to my department how to use this tool?


    eadocX Support

    excellent question – but a rather long answer….
    When eaDocX re-generates your document, all the contents of each section are deleted, then replaced. So, conventional Word change-bars wouldn’t accurately show what has changed.
    You have two options:
    1 – Using eaDocX Change Marking: this adds a color of your choice to elements or diagrams which have changed since a date you specify. I usually set this to the publication date of the last version. See help at

    2 – Use eaDocX Corporate Edition Document Management. This will create a whole new document each time you re-generate your document, if you choose to up-version it. So you can then use either the native Word ‘document compare’ function, or the simple front-end which eaDocX applies to the same function, to produce a document will all the change-bars you need. This will give much finer-grained control over the visibility of changes, down to the last comma or full-stop. see

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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