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    Victoria Butnarasu

    We are trying to create a Data Dictionary for our class data model to include class name and attributes names, each with a Data Definition ( text captured currently in the Notes field).

    I have managed to create a document to display the class name and the class definition ( in line) and a table of attributes and definitions underneath.
    So far so good.

    Next, we would like to be able to exclude some of the attributes from the document (the PKs and FKs).
    We have marked them as ‘exclude’ the the document template , they show as excluded (grey cross againt them) however they are still present in the document.

    We did try to exclude a class in the same way and it worked well (is displayed in the document elements tree as excluded) and is not showing in the document.

    Any help highly appreciated,

    eadocX Support

    This is not possible with native eaDocX, because when the PK/FK attributes are created, they don’t seem to have useful stereotypes. If they did have e.g. <> stereotypes, then you could just tell eaDocX not to print that stereotype.
    There is another way out: use an eaDocX Script.
    Tell eaDocX to use a script to print Attributes, then in the script, filter-out the ones you don’t want. A bit messy, but VERY flexible.
    There are some sample scripts on the website at

    Victoria Butnarasu

    thank you.

    I have now created a new stereotype ‘FK’ in EA and applied it to the appropriate attributes )and they are shown as such in the class diagram).

    I have used ‘Add element…’ feature in eadox (under Profile) – selected ‘attribute’ for the Element Type, then selected FK from the drop down list of available stereotypes.
    Also selected the Style : None – do not print.

    I have received a confirmation message that none of the FK attributes will be included in the document (which is what we want).
    Regenerated the document but unfortunately the FK stereotyped attributes are still present in the document.

    Are we missing something?

    I am happy to share the .eap if it helps – it’s just a small test one with 3 classes and a couple of attributes.

    many thanks,

    eadocX Support

    Sounds like you are doing everything right!
    Can you conform which eaDocX version you are using ?
    Also, how did you change the stereotype of the PK attributes? When I created an example model to test this, I used EA’s Transformation mechanism, which makes class.attribute into <

    >.<>, so I can’t then change the stereotype of the attribute, as it’s already set to <>.
    Also, I’ve just noticed in the EA user interface, when I edit a column of a table, there isn’t a stereotype attribute for me to edit!
    So, how did you do it!
    eadocX Support

    Just checked that <>Attribute of a Class can be excluded, and that seems to work OK (eaDocX v3.5.0.4)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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