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    David Forfia

    I have a multiuser eapx Project file which has Security Enabled.

    EADocX throws an exception that says “ELEMENT LOCKED” if the Document Management Package (or parent hierarchy) has a User Lock applied or is not locked.

    Is there a guide to using EADocX DM with a Security Enabled project?



    Ian Mitchell

    Ok – you lost me at ‘multi-user EAPX’ : this isn’t supported by Sparx, or by us, so sadly you’re on your own. Yes, I know it works – mostly – but these locking issues are what makes it an un-supported configuration.

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    David Forfia


    I’ll try to be more specific as the issue isn’t the database type.

    I have a multi-user project using a SQL back end.

    Sparx Security is enabled. User Logins linked to AD accounts.

    Multiple Root packages in the project supporting multiple capital project with a shared core architectural base.

    Document Management is enabled.

    Documents are stored external to Sparx using a UNC path.

    EADocX Documents in a separate Root project with Documents and People packages contained in the Root.

    For EADocX to work, it appears to require a lock at the Documents package level. This limits the project to one user running an EADocX document generation at a time.

    Is this the expected behavior? Is there a better practice for using DM on projects which have Sparx security enabled?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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