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    Ted Vail


    I have a package that contains a physical data model imported from a SQL Server database using EA’s “Import DB schema from ODBC” feature. I right-clicked the package, chose Extensions/eaDocX/Open ALL in Excel/ALL Operations. So far, so good. I got a worksheet with the Element Type in column C (“Method”), Class Name in column D and method (constraint) name in column E. I’d like to add the constraint columns (key columns) to the output.

    When using the EA built-in RTF document template, (data model template), I get a table with the Meth.Name (matches column E in the eaXL output), Meth.Scope (don’t care about this) and MethParameter.Name columns. The MethParameter.Name column contains the columns that the constraint (PK, FK, etc.) references – in other words, the key column(s), the data I want included.

    I’m assuming that to add a column to the eaXL output that contains the MethParameter.Name information, (the key column(s)), I need to use the option to “Output Child Elements”. (If I am incorrect in that assumption, please guide me to the correct method.) Unfortunately once the workbook loads, when I select the Columns tab in the UI, the “Display Compound Attributes” and “Output Child Elements” options are disabled.

    Can you help me get the key column information included in the eaXL output? I’m not sure if one of those options would allow me to get what I want, but I’ve seen this behavior (disabled options) before and wonder if you can also tell me the conditions under which these options are disabled, and how to enable them in future cases.

    Thanks for your help!

    Adrian Support


    Not sure exactly what you want the worksheet to look like so I’ll explain how eaXL will output information for table elements, and highlight some of the issues that you may see. And I hope that helps you get what you need.

    Firstly worth mentioning that EA stores the field names as attributes and items such as the PK as operations.

    eaXL will output either the attributes or operations for one or more classes but not both at the same time.

    If you want to see a list of the fields, for example look at the fields for several table elements in the same package. Select the package. Extensions | eaDocX | Open ALL in Excel | ALL attributes.

    Each row output will contain an attribute (field) together with its table name (ClassName column D) and its name. You can add columns using those items listed on the Columns tab.
    You can also make changes to each row / compare / import as for any other attribute.

    If you want to see then you need to output the operations and see that the name e.g.”PrimaryKey”. If you output the stereotype column then this will be stereotyped PK.

    The reason that the “Child Elements” nor “Compound Attributes” are output is that they do not exist for EA attributes or operation.

    So that’s what we do at present, and without the exact detail of what you would like to see I cannot comment further. However, I hope this information enables you to get what you need, and if I can be of further help please ask.


    eaDocX technical support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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