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    Guillaume Finance


    I defined a custom SQL search in EA to retrieve the list of elements that are associated with requirements from a given package (search term is my package ID).
    I tried to use eaXL to export this list directly in Excel, however I only get the requirements name as eaXL seems to lookup only elements matching “t_object.ea_guid AS CLASSGUID” from the SELECT statement.

    The search has a number of Joins to t_objectproperties & t_object tables however, the columns don’t come up in Excel.
    Shouldn’t this feature export to Excel the same result as in the search?

    Guillaume Finance

    It seems that the purpose of this feature is to work on a list of elements which results from an EA search, based on the returned CLASSGUIDs.
    Hence any other column is ignored. It makes sense to me now that the Import/Compare/Export will work on a list of elements GUID, as I cannot modify other information that I doesn’t understand.

    It would be useful however to have an export only feature to retrieve in Excel results from an EA Search (limited to CSV). What do you think?

    Manoj Lad

    I’ve just come across the same thing! Looks like I misinterpreted the functionality of the ‘Searches’ page. The SQL search just returns the model elements based on the CLASSGUID from which you can build your output table by selecting the columns from ‘Columns’ page.

    I think this needs to be made clearer in the help file.

    I also agree that having the function to output the SQL search results directly would be useful – as this was my initial interpretation.

    I guess manually copy/pasting will have to do for now…. :dry:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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