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    Mary Louise Hagan

    We just installed the eaDocX software. We have version 9.3 of EA with Office 2010. The behavoir of the eaXL interface seems to intermittently disable the frame containing the sheet. The ribbon remains functional but we are unable to type directly into the sheet.

    One of my colleagues really needs this functionality for an important project that is on the critical path.

    Help please!

    Mary Louise

    Adrian Support

    Hi Mary Louise

    I assume this is a new issue and previously eaXL has been working fine for you. As detailed in the help you often have to push Excel into edit mode – using “F2” or double-clicking on the cell.

    So to help us look into the issue – can you advise what version of eaDocX you have installed – its under “extensions | eaDocX | About eaDocX” (latest is and which operating system version & language – and if not on the latest we would suggest you upgrade.

    Is the problem repeatable? if so is there a specific set of operations?

    Early in the development (a while ago now) we identified some potential issues with Excel not providing focus to all of the UI, and this could result in the symptoms you described, however we believe we have addressed that some time ago.

    BTW: In the past we simply switched worksheets and that normally gave Excel a prod! Worst case opened a new workbook seemed to give Excel a bigger prod. But hopefully none of this needed!



    Adrian Support

    Just in case you are looking at this thread and wondering about the solution.

    The problem was with the known issue associated with grabbing focus for the Excel window.
    “F2” worked fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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